What Our Clients Say

Over the years we've worked with hundreds of clients across the public, private and third sectors. And they pay us the greatest compliment they could: many return again and again. The nature of our work - with sensitive issues, commercial confidentiality and vulnerable people - often makes it impossible to show what we've done widely across the web. This page just gives a snapshot of some of our work, some of the people we work with... And what they say about us.

For the British Geological Survey, many films shedding light on their work - an on-going relationship lasting nearly a decade so far...

"Focused and excellent... [Widecast] throws excellent light on the work of BGS." "Fantastic ! 5-star rating! A brilliant piece of filming. Very happy with the result on YouTube. Widecast has also helped to move us forward into greater use of new media."
British Geological Survey Project Managers.

For the Foundation for Social Improvement, an on-going relationship to illustrate their work and document their annual forum for small charities.

"The live streaming of our event meant that all those charities out there could get access to all this important information. Phenomenal."
Pauline Broomhead
Chief Executive
Foundation for Social Improvement

For the Local Government Association: an on-going relationship to create five monthly films every year documenting the progress of candidates in the Local Government Challenge along with coverage of the final at the annual conference...

"Really pleased with the final products. One of the things I've been most impressed with is the ability to take complete novices in front of a camera, make them feel at home, ensure that they understand what's going on, and really become quite a friend to them during the course of filming."
Claire Holloway
Head of Corporate Governance
Local Government Association.

"A big thank you for all their work with us on film and at conference. It went down really, really well. You've been fantastic, with a really impressive grasp of what we wanted as clients. Fun to work with and professional - it's just made everything very, very easy for us."
Adam Pokun
Corporate Programme Manager
Local Government Association.

For Nokia: the filming of a three-day team-building exercise, screened at the end of the event...

"We filmed, we interviewed, we improvised, we made stuff we thought we would never make.... We were 110% engaged! Thank-you for making this happen. The experience was truly priceless."
Andrew Ong

"A fantastic success, thank-you for being prepared to connect in such a way so as to make something that would be fun, interesting, different but perhaps above all something that they could truly feel proud of."
Stuart Turnbull
Event Organiser
Ashridge Consulting.

For the University of Nottingham and Nottingham City Council - a film to be used both academically and in schools to illustrate the real-life problems of teenage mothers living on their own...

"We wanted a very graphic and powerful way of disseminating our findings by placing the young women very directly "in your face"! One of my early requests when asked the purpose I wanted the video to achieve was "I want to make people cry". Every time I watch that 23 minute programme, I still cry when Alison says "I just want to be that little girl again". Whenever I show it to rooms full of hardened professionals in various services, there is always a stunned silence... and some watery eyes... It is obviously a very powerful piece of social commentary which communicates our research more powerfully than a written report. As a social researcher I am used to working with groups of vulnerable young people but would not have had the vision to see something in terms of a final visual product. They worked so well with our team to help the young people feel comfortable and at ease and to feel able to tell us their stories."
Dr Peter Gates
Centre for Research in Mathematics Education
School of Education
University of Nottingham.

An on-going relationship with the University of Huddersfield to illustrate successes in social enterprise models in various social and health care situations...

"The films always go down well - often there's spontaneous applause at the end from the audience, so thanks again. They work perfectly."
Dr Chris Low
University of Huddersfield.

"The film is really good and made me feel really proud of the work that we do."
Karen Haw
Head of Stop Smoking Service
NHS Leeds.

"Thanks again for all your hard work and support, we're delighted with the end result."
Catherine Hall
Primary Care Manager
NFA Team

An on-going relationship now lasting nine years to document the life and progress of the academy school project at the University of Nottingham...

"The secret to the success of this collaboration is empathy - Widecast can always be relied upon to craft the story - often surpassing the expectations of those of us whose story is being told."
Prof Di Birch
Academy Project Team Leader
University of Nottingham.

A series of films for WaterAid emphasising their work with corporate donors including Cadbury's, Ben & Jerry's, the Glastonbury Festival, and North West Water, which also served to illustrate those organisations practical steps in corporate Social Responsibility...

"We think the films are fab,"
"I've just watched and think they're really strong."

WaterAid Corporate Relations team.

For the Arts Council, three films charting the progress of a year-long live literature festival...

"Really happy with the final product - it's all great. And I really like the promo - thank you! What a great bonus! Thanks for all the hard work."
Jill Bellamy
LitUp Live Literature Festival Producer.

"This film is great. It really conjures up a brilliant picture of what we all did and will be a fantastic resource for drumming up support for future work."
Lit Up Live Literature Festival
Community Theatre Producers.

A film for Blackpool NHS as a care unit prepared for a major management change...

"I think the film is fantastic! Thank-you very much."
Jayne Mottershead
Nurse-Led Therapy Unit

A film for Ambition4Kirklees, a small independent organisation helping young people with learning difficulties into work.

"We've watched the film and ended up in tears!! Its Great!!"
Bev Sissons

For Independent Midwives - a film charting their work...

"It was a pleasure to work with Widecast - the end product was an entertaining short film which got across all the main points and has been an extremely useful tool in our endeavours to inform audiences about our organisation."
Annie Francis
Independent Midwives.

A film for the University of Nottingham on an exchange programme which took local teachers to work in South African townships...

"It went down a storm with the guy from development office who described it as 'awesome'.
Many, many thanks for a superb film and for all your help."

Alison Ingram
University of Nottingham Academy Project.

A music video for the Nottingham University Samworth Academy's project with South African Schools...

"Wow. The film's brilliant. Well done everyone!"
Steve Bacon
The Mamelodi Trust.

A film following the project by Nottingham University architecture students to build an eco house - to be used as part of their exhibit at an international event in Madrid.

"On behalf of the whole Nottingham HOUSE team I would like to thank you for putting together an excellent video - it really captures the essence of the project. The work you have put in on this (above and beyond) is most appreciated by all here."
Dr Mark Gillott
Department of Architecture & the Built Environment
Faculty of Engineering
University of Nottingham.

Two major films for major collaborative European science projects, Ecord and EO-miners in climate change and information exchange...

"A very successful venture. Taking complex scientific and technical information, the film-makers worked independently to develop a clear story of how the European Consortium for Ocean Research Drilling operates and its scientific achievements.
The film is an excellent balance of footage shot during expeditions, with a narrative created by Widecast aided by interviews with the programme scientists, technicians and managers. It has been shown at several international conferences and public events and has been widely praised as an informative and entertaining record of a major international science program."

Alan Stevenson & Patricia Maruejol
IODP/Ecord Project Managers.

"The video went down very well. Thanks for all your work on this project and the high-quality product you've delivered."
Fiona McAvoy, EO-Miners.

A series of short performance films by poets for theatres across the country...

"The Football Stories films look great, thank you."
Annabel Turpin
Chief Executive
Stockton on Tees.

"I really like the work very much. Especially the way you filmed (poet) Polarbear in the main space on the empty set - lovely."
Sophie Bradey
Programme Coordinator
The Albany.

For Universities UK, a film to illustrate the concept of Matched Funding by educational donors and philanthropists...

"Sensitive, professional and accurate. Just what we needed"
Project Managers at Universities UK.